Why should I hire a professional painter?

Painting is a skilled trade, and does require training and appropriate tools. When hiring a professional painter to paint the interior or exterior of your home, they will properly prepare the substrate, i.e., walls, ceilings, siding, decks to achieve the best possible outcome. Remember, painting can be dangerous when using ladders, and even dealing with solvents. Specialty painters and coatings contractors take caution and will not expose you or your family to these risks.


How often should I paint my house?

Depending on the climate where you live, depends on how often your home should be painted, but the general rule of thumb is every 7-10 years. Lifetime paints are available with lifetime warranties. We will happily discuss all of your options, to provide the best product for your project.


Will you help me choose a paint color?

Absolutely. ACI Coatings, LLC works with our customers to achieve the best color for their project, this includes sample applications, up to 4. We will also connect you with a preferred professional design firm if needed.


What sheen works best for my project?

Depending on what is being painted, depends on what product and sheen would work best. We’re asked this question often and even have a great article for your review.



What should I do before you start work to be prepared?

Prior to our arrival at your home, remove any furnishing, wall hangings, empty cabinets, anything that will hinder a perfect painting job. If we’re painting the exterior of your home, make sure plants, bushes and trees are trimmed.


I live in my house now, will you protect my furniture and flooring?

Absolutely. We want all of your belongings to be protected. Our professional painters will cover your floor and protect all of your furniture with clean drop cloths or clear plastic.


I’ve had painting contractors do work for me in the past and left my office a mess, will you clean up after you’re through?

We thoroughly clean up every day to leave a clean work space for you to continue working or living in your home. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes! Visa and MasterCard.